LANDSCAPE We use gardens to soften the architectural impact of a new house within the landscape. Gardens create a visually harmonious flow from building to landscape, they create microclimates that offer year-round use and enjoyment and they provide habitats that encourage wildlife diversity.

DESIGN The use of natural materials and craft skills engenders feelings of familiarity, belonging and comfort. Natural materials also improve with age and have a beauty in their longevity, all of which offer a valuable alternative to mass-produced global products. The design of the building too must have a familiarity and a lasting appeal that will endure trends and avoid the need for regular change.

FINISHES We promote natural, low maintenance finishes such as raw timber, stone, brick, lime plasters and washes. These are all left to develop a natural patina and age that enriches our understanding and enjoyment of such products. We also use polishes and coloured oils instead of paints and varnishes for superior finish, durability and reduced maintenance.

CONSTRUCTION Wherever possible we utilise lightweight, flexible and fast-build structural systems, such as timber or steel framing. These are used to support lightweight and flexible claddings, from timber boarding and shingles to tiles and thatched roof coverings. This accommodates the inevitable structural movement and thermal expansion of a building without risk of failure or compromising longevity.

INSULATION AND EFFICIENCY Our houses are designed to create a sense of enclosure, warmth, comfort, protection and permanence, whilst also engaging with the outside. This is done through the use of architectural elements, such as awnings, verandahs, loggias, bay windows and skylights. This offers year-round seasonal comfort and reduces reliance on energy for lighting, heating and cooling. We prefer to design thermal insulation cavities into the construction rather than rely on in-fill insulation products, which can be toxic and can induce moisture problems.